Chyrobolt 2

  • Fibromyalgia

    Increased lymph and blood flow provides instant relief to fibromyalgia pain areas. Airlock massage head included to provide soft relief to delicate pain areas

  • Plantar Fasciitis

    Increase your flexibility and range of motion through stretching the sole of your feet through soft, and relaxing percussions.

  • Arthritis

    Instantly improve blood flow to the full body through percussions around pain areas and feel instant relief

  • Back Pain & Sciatica

    Be able to sit and stand with improved comfort and relaxed muscles by using Chyrobolt on and around lower back pain points

  • Enhanced Muscle Recovery Time

    Clear up built-up lactic acids and improve muscle soreness and speed recovery

  • Improved Range of Motion & Flexibility

    Break up rigid muscles and feel freedom in your stretches and workouts

  • Increased Blood Flow To Muscles

    Maintain a strong pump and full efficiency in your muscles with increased blood flow

  • Ultra Quick Muscle Activation

    Prevent injury by quickly activating large muscle groups before a workout

6 Massage Heads Included

Designed To Tackle Every Muscle Group Of The Body


All large muscle groups


Delicate Parts


Deep tissue targeting


Digs into shoulder blades


Full spinal massage


Flat, large muscle groups

  • Extended Battery Life (up to 6hrs.)

  • Ultra Quiet 30dB-50dB 

  • 20 Touch Adjustable Speeds

  • Maximum Speed 55 Strokes/Second

  • Free Carrying Case + 6 Massage Heads

  • TSA/Flight Friendly Carry-On Approved

  • Apply Up To 60lb Of Pressure

  • 365 Day Chyrocare Guarantee Included

Every purchase is covered by a full coverage 365 day ChyroCare warranty

Lost/broke an attachment head?  Covered.

Battery issues?  Covered.

Motor issues?  Covered.

Buy with confidence and massage your worries away! We provide full service and replacements for all our customers. 

Do you accept returns?

Yes! We do accept returns within the USA & Canada as within 30 days. You're free to test out the unit and ship it back if you're not satisfied! All returns must be in original condition with no visible wear and all parts must be included to qualify for a full 100% return. Please note that if the return is not due to an issue on our side, return labels must be submitted by customer.

Is there a warranty?

All purchases are covered by a 365-day Chyrocare warranty which covers all functional parts of the Chyrobolt. This includes the motor, the battery, replacement parts, and related. This does not cover any cosmetic or accidental damage.

How loud is the Chyrobolt?

Thanks to our brushless motor and acoustic shielding technology, the Chyrobolt is one of the absolute quietest systems in the market today. At 30dB-50dB (decibels), it's as quiet as a dishwasher in the background. Unlike some other massage gun, Chyrobolt does not sound like a drill machine or anything close to that level of noise (80-90dB).

What are the attachments made of?

Depending on the attachment and where it's meant to be used, our massage heads are made out of either high density foam, plastic or rubber.

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes! We've partnered with Sezzle to bring 4 easy installments over 6 weeks to our customers for zero fees. That means 0.00% interest, $0.00 extra cost, and you'll have the comfort to pay in small installments. This offer is currently only valid for US and Canadian residents. If you'd like to pay with this plan, select 'Sezzle' at checkout.

How long does shipping take?

Standard shipping to USA and Canada takes 2-5 business days.

International shipping may take up to 14-25 business days.